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Exchange Server One Stop Services by Professional and Experienced Team from iZITGroup (Design, Installation, Configuration, Auditing, Troubleshooting and more)

What is Exchange Server ?

- Exchange Server is a mail system from Microsoft. Exchange Server helps organizations to have own mail system, store data at you own storage, control email communication policy, audit and monitor email usage and more. Exchange Server can use to improve organization’s data security and can applied on industry’s information standard.


When to use Exchange Server

- Exchagne Server is a very poppular commercial email system. Exchange Server lets organization to use mail system from many smart devices (Windows, Andrioid, iOS and more), lets organization to control and audit email usage. One thing important is Exchange Server is product by Microsoft, who will maintenace their software for very long time.


When to avoid Exchange Server

- Do not want to have own mail system, email data is not important, no smart device or smart feature usage, data seucrity is not importnat, if your organization have requirement like these, Exchange Server is needless.


Why iZITGroup ?

- We not only implement Exchange Server as a basic mail system and not only close job when it can send and receive mail. Instead we take care to other services such as secure system/data as information security standard, protect spam at lowest cost as possible, protect organization’s data and more. Then we can tell that “Exchange Server by iZITGroup will do more”


Benefits from Exchange SErver

- After implement Exchange Server, organization will have own mail system, use mail in a secure manner, control and audit email communication, protect spam mail and etc.


When to use iZITGroup services ?

- We services all state of Exchange Server implementation. From organization that not have Exchange Server before, organization that already have Exchange Erver but want to improve its functionality or organization that want Exchange Server/mail system troubleshooting.


Can you trust iZITGroup ?

- We think our client is not only a client, but a member of our family. We send only experienced and sincere team to service our customer. If needed, customer can request a verification of our staff before start services. Our project leader must have Microsoft certificate in technology they implented. In addions, we also have many site reference as you can see on the reference page.


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