Active Directory Services

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Active Directory One Stop Services by Professional and Experienced Team from iZITGroup (Design, Installation, Configuration, Auditing, Troubleshooting and more)


What is Active Directory ?

- Active Directory hep organization to centrally manage user account, group account, computer policy control and more. Active Directory reduce organization’s 3rd party software purchase because some functions exist in Active Directory. Active Directory also applied in some industry standards implementation such as ISO 27001.


Why iZITGroup ?

- In fact, Active Directory installation is not complex, most of ITs can install and configure it. But for advanced implementation we think you should have a professional team to implement. Invest on Active Directory services implementation is worthy because it can reduce many cost on 3rd party system.  Each member of iZITGroup team has an experienced on Active Directory technology over 10 years and our philosophy is not only serve a professional services to our clients, but must serve a sincere services to our clients


 Benefits from Active Directory

- After implenment Active Directory you will get the centrally authentication system, policy management system, authentication services for Firewall/UTM/VPN/Antisapm and other 3rd pary devices/software, reduce cost form 3rd parties hardware purchase and more.


When to use iZITGroup services ?

- We services all state of Active Directory implementation. From organization that not have Active Directory before, organization that already have Active Directory but want to improve its functionality or organization that want Active Directory troubleshooting.


Can you trust iZITGroup  ?

- We think our client is not only a client, but a member of our family. We send only experienced and sincere team to service our customer. If needed, customer can request a verification of our staff before start services. Our project leader must have Microsoft certificate in technology they implented. In addions, we also have many site reference as you can see on the reference page.


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